Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Christmas Bomb!

Yesterday morning, before the kids got up. The house looked so pretty. The whites lights glistening on the tree and on the greenery over our atrium doors. The presents were wrapped so sweetly under the tree. The Family Room, DIning area and Kitchen were nice and clean. It was a nice 10 minutes of enjoying that moment. Now I really know what they mean, when they say, "Take a picture it will last longer!" Derek had gone to go get the the kids. They all looked so cute. Ryan in Derek's arms. The kids half awake, but very excited! All them dressed in their Christmas jammies. Then it happened!!! The gift opening began and that we can keep a handle on by throwing away wrapping paper as each present was opened. But it was the opening of Teckno Dogs, Robotic spider, Remote Control Cars, Bratz Make over Doll, (I lovingly refer to Bratz Dolls as Hooker Dolls.) and way too many Spiderman toys that come with about 30 tightly twisted, wire twist ties each and their boxes that are ripeed into a million peices to get the beloved toy out of the box!! That is when our house looked like The Christmas bomb had went off at our house. It was crazy and I was thankful Costco sells batteries in bulk. My Aunt and Uncle gave us the most amazing presents. They suprised us with a nintendo Wii and they are taking both of my brothers, their wives, and Derek & I to Cancun this March. Derek and I are so excited. Especially since it will probably be snowing here in Utah and we will go enjoy 80 degree temps on a warm beach. I know gifts are not the biggest part of Christmas, but a trip to Cancun has got to hit top of WOWWY gifts!! Derek has always wanted to go fishing in the ocean and I am so excited he will get to do that!! Myself, I am hoping to hit a couple of zip lines in the rain forest area and go horse back riding along the beach.
This Year I was not feeling up to cooking a big dinnerand then cleaning up. SO we got a Costco Pizza, the kids put on the Nativiy Scene, and we watched It's a Wonderful Life on TV. It was GREAT!! We might do this every year.

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