Thursday, September 20, 2007

Baby Blues (Ryan, you'll be in my heart)

Ryan is my baby. He is the 5th and final addition to are herd. Ryan celebrated his 3rd birthday and is officially wearing "Big Boy Underwear". He is very proud of this accomplishment, as am I. I was so excited to finally be free of Diapers after 12 consecutive years! And I am. But it feels kind of sad to see my little man running around in his "Fruit of the Looms". I guess with most milestones our children make, is Bittersweet. Ryan is a very hard headed 3 year old and will test the boundaries and then some. But he is my baby. I LOVE the way he says, "I lub you too!" Or after his bath, "Mom, I need a Talow." I LOVE IT!! I know that his speech is becoming better and he will not say those cute little things to me anymore.
I also have to admit, I am probably a better mother to him then I was to my oldest, just because I worried about everything back then. I still do, but not as much. Now, I feel like I know how to relax a little more and know which battles to pick. Not that I have this parenting thing down. Not even close! But I do feel like I am learning to enjoy it more, Take the little moments in, Sit down and play trains with them and Just be their Mom.

We had a lazy morning today and watched Disney's Tarzan together. I have seen this movie many times and it is one of my favorites. But today as I laid down next to my little guy as we watched it together, I felt almost emotional. You know, the song, "You'll be in my Heart" it just got to me, I guess.