Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer Blockbuster? Maybe.

I am SO EXCITED!! My husband came home with Indiana Jones movie tickets. We are going to see it Saturday mid morning. Now usually I am not one to say, "He is so good looking!" But for Harrison Ford..... yeah, I will. Sure, he is almost 66, but I still think he is WOWWY PAZOWIE!

There are few movies that come out that I get excited to go see, but this is definitely one of them. We really don't go to the movies that often. Now and then in the summer time I will take the kids to the dollar movie, when a family friendly show pops up. I think I would have to say I like comedey & action adventure.

What are you?

Are you a Sci-Fi, Chick-FLick, Comdey, or Action Adventure kind?

Is there A Summer Movie you are excited to see?