Wednesday, September 30, 2009

High Ho High Ho, I just gotta know!

(If you leave a comment and say who you are like and why, I will find a pic and Post it on my next post. Have fun with it. Pick up to six. I do have other silly things to do like laundry, dishes, etc.)
M-I-C see ya real soon! K-E-Y why? because we like you! M-O-U-S-EEE!

Ok, so at Disneyland there's is a place called "Belle's Library" Well, Actually it is in California Adventure in ANIMATIONS! If you go into Belle's Library there are places to sit down and the touch screen in front of you will ask you questions about your personality. I thought for sure I was going to be Ursula, but Austin was right. The Computer dubbed me as Tinkerbell, because I am a hot tempered girl, but will do anything for the boy she loves. Derek answered all the questions the opposite of how he is and he was dubbed HOPPER from Bug's Life! Derek likes to shake things up a bit every now and then.

So here is my first question for all of you: Which 3 (good or mostly good) Disney Character do you relate too? Are you Mushou, Mulan's sidekick who is always messing up, but his hear is in the right place? Is there one of the Seven dwarfs you relate too? DO you ever feel like the blow fish in Finding Nemo? Or are you a Will Turner a self made Pirate? Perhaps you are Captain Jack Sparrow himself or are you Goofy?

Second question, who is your alter ego? Which 3 Villains do you most relate with and love to hate?

Here is mine:

Disney Gals I relate too:

Tinkerbell. When she looks at herself and measures her hips, she's not mad at herself. She is mad at the mirror. One time my scale did not show me what I wanted to see so I put it in the tub after my kids were getting out and the tub was still full of water. That Scale never went over 100lbs again. I thought it was funny when it said I weighed 47 lbs, I felt like "I showed you!" But as Feisty and as bad tempered as she is, in the end she wants to help those she loves.

Dori, from Finding Nemo. When I go downstairs for something, I completely forget and I have to ask someone what I was looking for. I will be talking to someone and then all of a sudden I am thinking, "What are we talking about again?" Yes, I remember some things well, but I don't know how to utilize that part of my brain very well and most of the time I have short term memory loss.

Jane, from Tarzan. I remember watching that movie for the first time and I thought Tarzan looked like Derek. You know blue inset eyes, distinguished nose. (the hair, thankfully not so much.) Derek is adventurous and I am a chicken, but I feel braver when Derek is there holding my hand or when I wrap my arms around him. Yes, when us city girls fall for our small town boys, we will give up our city living, Yellow dresses and parasole (or in my case High Heeled shoes) to swing through this Jungle we call life, hanging on to our MAN!. (Oh and Heidi and Matt, I still remember those "Halloween Costumes" you made for Derek and I, for our birthdays. Too Funny!)

Alter Ego's

The Queen of Hearts, she is funny. She has one way to take care of everything, "Off with your head!" It just seems to be efficient because everybody does whatever she wants them to do and I think this shows organization and management skills I want. I just have a whistle! I love her heart printed bloomers, too cute! And the way she stomps off when she is angry. You know that back when she went to "Deck High" School, she was the only girl on the football field and must have been one heck of a Linebacker. She is not afraid to really get down to business, when she pushes up her sleeves to play Croquet. Yep, that's the girl I want on my team.

Ursula. You gotta love her! She's a plus-size chic who is embracing her wider curves. She is all about CURVACEOUS!! She even has the guts to wear that tight Black cat-octopus outfit. Don't be fooled she is wearing a girdle under there. You can tell because of the fat rolls on her back. But with Purple skin, you have to admit, it kind of works. Her swim is a strut! When she gets Angry she grows into this massive form of herself and that is just how I feel when I have lost it! Like when I've told each of my kids 10 times not to leave their shoes and socks on the floor of the living room and go and put them in your shoe basket in the mud room, that is only 7 yards away. But then right when I think I have controlled it, Derek comes home and sits down and kicks his shoes off. AAAHHHH!!!! (Just making point honey, I know you hardly ever do that now.) Ursula is a woman who knows what she wants and she will do whatever it takes to get it. (Well, until Eric kills her at the end.) But that's just a miner detail.

This is a tough one, I really relate to Mad,Mad, Mad Madam Mim from Sword and the Stone, but I really like Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty. Because man she is Just COOL! She is Beautiful, graceful, and has a great smile and yet so Evil!!! Sure, she's got green skin but she makes it look good. (I'm thinking Botox injections!) And Man, that long Black leather dress, robe, and a hood to try and hide her horns, She makes that layered/gothic look, look pretty good. (Dad, I threw the black leather dress in their for you.) Maleficent is one clever gal. When she does not get invited to the most happening party of the 12th hundred century, she is pretty upset, but she takes it in stride. And gave the baby a little token, curse, whatever you want to call it even though she was snubbed. WooHoo! She takes it to a whole new level when she turns into a dragon. Not alot of woman can pull it off. We might act like it for one week out of the month, but to actually turn into a vicious dragon. My hat is off to her! But then she dies too. Again a miner detail.

So who are you?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

....and then he came into my life. Part one

Someday I want to write a book about Falling in Love. I think it is Heavenly.

The September after I turned nineteen, I found myself at a crossroads in life. This crossroad came much faster then I was expecting in my life. I had met Derek in the begining of July and we hung out as friends about everyday after that. We were having fun with water fights while washing my car, hiking, Debating our opinions, talking on the grass during a rainstorm in Ivins. (I love the smell of Ivins after a storm) When we met for lunch at Taco Bell or whereever, I would drip somehing on my shirt, everytime. I was so embarrassed, but it was just Derek and as I would try to clean it up, he would laugh and say, "Jennifer, I am sorry, I forgot to bring you a Bib."
We planned a trip up to SLC and I was going to visit with family, while he was away. After a few days, I was going to the Airport in SLC to pick him up. I realized....I liked him more then a friend and it spooked me. He had had such a horrible trip, (I did not know this at the time) and when he saw me he just dropped his bags and grabbed me up in a huge hug. Now I was freaking out. Because maybe he feels this way too. My instict was RUN!!!! But he was my ride home.

On the trip home, he told me about his trip to Arkansas. It was awful and I was just sick for him and wished I could have been there for him. When we stopped at the gas station he said, "Hey...don't think I forgot it was your birthday, today! I got you a gift at the airport." ( I know...precious) He just had it in a bag and I opened it and it was a hand held mirror that whistled when you lifted it up to look at yourself. I laughed nervously. He laughed and with a smile said, "Well, it was that or the Death March Mirror. I thought this was better." He leaned over and gave me a quick kiss on the lips as he was geting ready to get out of his truck and get it gassed up. By this point my face was burning. He had nerver kissed me on the lips before, granted it was a friend kiss, but I was aa bundle of nerves.
I thought I was just going to have to tell him when we got home that we can just be friends, I did not want to have any relationships. I already kknew how it felt to have your heart broken and I was not going to let that happen again. Well, it didn't work out quite that way. He took me to BYU to walk around the campus, because he knew I wanted to go to school there. It was a Sunday and the campus was empty. WE walked with me holding onto him from behind and I realized, I did not have it in me to stay away from him. So we had the best time on the way home. That when we got to Cedar City, only an hour away from our destination, I was sick. I did not want the day to end. He dropped me off at home and asked for a kiss gooodnight, but I said, "You are going to have on that." His Birthday was two day later and I think on that day he was spooked. We took turns being nervous of what was going on in our friendship that was quickly becoming something else. On a lovely Ivins August night, he was leaving the house where I lived as usual and I normally did not walk him out. But as he got up to leave, I told him he forgot to kiss me goodnight. If there is a top 20 list kept on the sweetest most amzing first kisses that last over an hour, Derek and I are at the top that list. Everyday after was pretty amazing. Falling in Love is truley a heavenly feeling. One Night Derek and I went to a dance at a local church and I could tell he was distant. His buddy, Bud, was with us. He started speaking Spanish to Bud, and he was telling Bud, " Man, Bud there are alot of cute girls here tonight, I wish I came to this alone. Little did he know that although, I do not speak fluent Spanish, like he did. I was from So. California and I could pick up on what he was saying. I was heart broken and after a couple of dances, I told him that I had to go to work early. He picked up on that I was hurt and asked me if I was OK. I said, "I am fine. Go have fun. Like you said, 'Their are alot of cute girls here.' I laughed as I got in the car and in my rear view mirror I saw him standing there watching me drive away with his hands in his pockets. I think they were. My laughter was covering up the unevitable sob that was coming up my throat. My face was wet with tears and all I thought to myself was, "How did I let this happen to me again?"

Friday, September 11, 2009

Jaxon turn's eight!

Happy Birthday to our Peanut! We Love Jaxon! It's great to be eight.

Mom got very lucky and got an Ice Cream cake from our local grocery store that someone did not pick up. Got a good deal and no need to buy Ice cream. I love all in one items!

I can do it. I can blow all eight candles out.

....phew....eight candles is tough to blow out!

Austin & Jaxon
Austin gave a really special gift to Jaxon & his parents.

Megan & Jaxon
Sis loves her brothers

Jaxon & Ryan
my little men

Jaxon & Kason
Kason stop smiling so much.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back 2 School August 19, 2009

Here they are. Man... They grow up fast.

Austin: My Freshman. You can usually find him at a scouting activity or strumming on his guitar. He might live in Utah, but this boy is a California Boy by heart. Surfer Boy.

Kason is in 7th grade and we are doing Homeschool together. So far so good.

Meg started 6th grade. I don't know if I am ready to send her to Jr. High next year. She is all girl!!

Jaxon is now in second grade. Two days after school started he turned eight. There is only one person in his class taller then he and and she is a girl. (Too Jaxon, that is weird.)

Ryan: This little guy is doing at home preshool with Mom He is a sing song kid. Every night lately he will just start singing, "I am a child of God" We love it.

These people make my life amazing!