Wednesday, December 12, 2007

How to be a in-the-closet Santa!

Actually, I have no idea how to be an "In the closet Santa" It just sounded like an intriguing title. Tell the truth. Did it intrigue you? No, you can tell me. .......Oh, be quiet! It's my Blog! If you think I'm crazy, well I would have to comply with that quick observation. But really who can blame me. Being a mother of 5 at Christmas, can really wear a girl out. Especially, all that ordering online while Derek and I shopped for the kids at Toys R Us, Wal-Mart,, and of course E-Bay! (We were wearing pajamas.) It is the first time I have done a bulk of my shopping online and hard to believe, I know, but the first time I shopped in my Pajamas.

OK, now about the closet thing. My closet is a walk in closet that is 16 x 5'. Now that might seem large to some of you and small to others. It is HUGE to me. Derek and I don't own that many clothes. Nor do I want to. I HATE LAUNDRY. The person who invents disposable clothing will have my undying gratitude for the rest of my life.....Oops! I got side tracked. Anyways, I have my sewing machine table and Ironing board set up in the closet and that is how I use up the bigger half of the closet that we don't use. Well, I just went into my closet and there are boxes everywhere. Infact, I can't get to Derek's clothes. It is not my fault. He is the one who stacked the boxes. Walmart and Toys-R-Us send huge boxes, for not alot of items.

You might be thinking, "Hey Lazy, wrap the gifts and put them under the tree." Well, that sounds great but, the kids take after me and poke holes in their presents to see what is in them. So I can't! I have put some Christmas presents under the tree. But I did not put any names on them. So that has stumped them, for the time being. (I just hope I remember, which present goes to which person.) It's a tricky business being Santa's Helper.


My Semblance of Sanity said...

I would totally forget WHO gets WHAT!
But I guess if you use diff paper for each - that would work....I usually wrap EVERYTHING in the same paper - I like the way it looks under the tree with all the same paper. Not putting names on would put me over the edge!!
Good luck with that!

Jenn loves Derek said...

Yeah, that would have been a good idea. To wrap them in different wrapping paper. I too am just using one big roll of wrapping paper this year. I did finally wrap them all and put names on them. I just have threatened the kids, "DO NOT TOUCH THE PRESENTS!"
My oldest son can tell what everything is just by holding the present! (It drives me nuts!)

The Boatright's said...

You are doing better than we are. Is there such thing as
Back of the van Santa?

The Boatright's said...

Hey Jenn,
I hope you are feeling ok. Anytime you are not online I worry about you. I found the cutest site with free blog backgrounds. My stepbrother's wife (my step-sister-in-law?) started it. She is a professional blogger I swear. Check it out at www.cutestblogontheblock.blogspot
.com P.S. We got our Christmas box today and I think I'm more excited than the kids!