Sunday, June 1, 2008

Are You Serious?

Tonight I asked Derek if we could start a new bedtime ritual. You know before we turn on the TV. (We are just Mr. & Mrs. Romance around here. <---Sarcasm here) Anyways, I felt like we needed to nurture our marriage, so I asked Derek if we could share 10 things that we are thankful for about each other. Derek complied and even offered to go first. (Bless his heart. I was not ready & it was one of those whim kind of things.) Yes, we started out a bit sappy. Which did not last long because neither of us is good at taking compliments & both of us cannot be serious for more than five minutes without cracking a joke. So this is how #10 went:

Derek speaking to Jennifer: Jennifer, I am thankful you love your Vicks. Because no matter how your night goes (insomnia), when you put on your nightly layer of Vicks vapo rub it makes you happy.

Jennifer speaking to Derek: Derek, I am thankful that when I finally start winding down at 1:00am and realize my Vicks jar is not on my nightstand, I can wake you up and you will hunt for it until it is found. (He will even go through suitcases if he cannot find it. Is that not love?)

I love that boy of mine! (and I love my Vicks too.)

FYI: How does the Vicks Jar disappear you ask?...
Well, I'll tell you. See my kids don't like Vicks & if they start getting a little out of line, I just simply say, "Watch it! Or I will Vicks you!" (I have yet to do it, but the kids know one day I might make good on my threat. Especially, if they call me "Big Mama"!) So I figure they are the ones who try and hide it in the bathroom trashcan. Those Amateurs! I have about 5 jars around the house here or there.
Have you had your "Vicks" today?


Mom to 4 Boys said...

Oh! I love Vicks!!! It's so calming and soothing! Glad I'm not the only one!

What a nice idea for you and your hubby to do. We might have to try that out.

Angie said...

What a sweet hubby! And Vicks is great stuff. Maybe THAT'S what I need to be using for my insomnia. Thanks for the idea!

The Boatright's said...

Gotta love vicks! I use it through every cold now. Fell in love with it while I was prego with Kate. When she was born I bought her a jar of vicks so she wouldn't go through withdrawls. The baby vicks is awesome! Same stuff, just less potent.

Bob said...

Did you know that either Kleenex or Plus now make tissues with Vicks in them?

the Ricks said...

Hey - I didn't know you had problems with insomnia! Man, the more I know about you the more I think we just might be related! :) Yeah, last night I was up from 1:30 to 3:30. After battling it and trying to tell myself I was still sleepy, I just got up and read, and ate, and got things done. Two hours later I finally wound down again. Dumb body. :)