Friday, May 30, 2008

Summer, Soaked & Sick

Yesterday was the Last Day of School. Last week we had told the kids we would let them have a last day of school party. That was before Kason gave me a head cold. Yep. We are starting off the summer SICK! I rarely get fevers and sure enough I have fever with this. We were suppose to go to my nephew's baptism in St. George, but we decided not to pass this junk around.
During the party my oldest child (my hubby) came home and because he is the scout leader in our neighborhood, the teenage boys loved tagging him with water balloons. Derek did not let his thirty-something age stop him, he grabbed the hose and soaked all the kids.
The kids kept busy with Air Hockey, Fooseball, the Wii, & a water fight.

So that is how we started our summer, Soaked & Sick.

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