Thursday, October 8, 2009

Baptisms, Baby Blessings & Swine Flu

Well, Saturday Jaxon is getting Batized. We are so excited for him. It looks like just Derek's part of the family is coming. Derek and I both come from large families. So you just can't go to everything. My Brothers would come up with their families, but the cost of gas is crazy. Especially they both have family vacations planned the following weekend.

It is actually less stressful this way. I usually don't mind a house full of family, but I don't have the energy or health right now to go running allover this house cleaning like a normal person. It is going to be relaxed. We are going to keep the meals simple and after Jaxon gets baptized on Saturday, our newest nephew will be blessed the next day. Nice...I love a two for one!

The stressful part is: Austin, Kason, Megan, Jaxon and Hubby are sick! I am nervous. We got a note from the school asking us not to send our kids to school if they have any Flu like symptoms. Apparently, They have had a few kids with Swine Flu at school. GREAT!!! So I am going to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. I was just staring to feel better and now my throat is raw and I am achy. But really that is a cake walk to what I usually have. I just need to take care of everyone, Clean the house, Prepare food for 40 people for a weekend, do the Laundry, and then enjoy and try to enjoy my son's Big Day. How hard can that be? Monday, I will have a nervous breakdown or go to the dollar movie by myself, while the kids are at school. The latter sounds more fun.

Have a great weekend everybody! I sure hope we will...with no swine flu. The ironic part, we are serving Kalua Pork for his Baptism dinner. You gotta love it!

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Mom to 5 Boys said...

Congrats on the baptism! Sorry to hear everyone's sick. When the family's sick, mom's there to take care of everyone. When Mom's sick...Mom still has to take care of everyone!

Feel better soon!!!