Thursday, February 5, 2009

15th Wedding Anniversary & too late to shave my legs!

This is a picture of Johnson's Mill in near Park City, Utah.
Derek and I got a very sweet gift from Derek's sister, Heidi and her hubby, Matt. They had received two gift certificates to two Different B&B's in Northern Utah from the company they bought new windows from and they gave us one. They are the most giving people. They have done so much for us. They watch the kids at the drop of a hat, especially Ryan and the past few years with me being sick, they have really been with our kids alot. Our kids adore them. Matt & Heidi are fun and kind so the kids are not sad at all that we will be gone for one night and Heidi & Matt are coming over to watch them for us tonight. We are going to the Johnson's Mill B&B. We are staying in the carriage room. I love the rustic snow lodge theme.

I wish I was more excited to go, but I have been trying to organize my Kitchen and so most cupboards & drawers are done, but the rest of the house went to pot as I have been rearranging, sorting, categorizing, and getting rid of stuff. I have not been able to do heavy duty stuff for a while and the house shows! I made myself sick with stress about this nice gift and about Derek not having a job and I did not sleep at all the other night and last night, I kept waking up. It feels like something every week, puts us a step back. This week, Derek is redoing the floor in the kids bathroom. When we built this house, we just had them put their low standard linoleum in the up stairs, because their is literally only 74 square feet that is not carpeted upstairs. Anyways, little did we know the linoleum had pulled back just enough away from the tub, that by the time we noticed it folding up ward and out, the sub flooring was some molding, so Derek was ripping out the linoleum and the sub flooring. He locked the door when he was done for the day and of course I thought he was just locking it so the "kids" would not go in there and get into the tiles or tools. Well, I went in stepped right through the hole, I was not looking for and my right leg fell through the drywall of our first story ceiling. My leg came smack down over the Dinner table. Luckily just my one leg went through, not my whole body. It reminded me of the movie, "The Money Pit" When Tom Hanks is stuck in a large throw rug as he has slowly sunk threw the second story floor into the first story ceiling. It hurt and bruised and scratched up the back of my leg up to mid thigh. I am so wishing I would have shaved my legs before my fall. So today I am going to carefully shave my legs without doing more damage. Yeah I am just going to be one plus size- scratched- up, exhausted hot babe for Derek tonight.
When we got married, Derek & I were so tired after the long day. (not to mention the long days before, preparing for the wedding and reception.) We got Taco Bell at the Drive threw at 10:00pm, because we realized neither of us had eaten all day, aside from the "feeding each other the cake" for picture purposes. The Drive threw Lady was pretty surprised to see us pull up with me still in my wedding dress (veil & all) and Derek in a White Tux & Tie.
When we got to our hotel, instead of showing off those always shaved smooth long legs and putting on the "Wedding Night" appropriate attire, I put on sweats and we ate and watched some John Candy movie. I don't remember what it was because I was nervous. Now that we were able to be "together", I was finding that what I wanted to do with Derek the last few months was now OK and I did not know were to begin. I guess I got stage fright. I was surprised to feel this way. To be honest, it was everything Derek & I could do, to keep our hands off of each other. Saying goodnight & goodbye at the end of the day was painful while we were dating & engaged. Now here we are married and all of a sudden I am feeling nervous & self conscious. I thought I was chubby back then. I was a very stupid girl! I was not chubby at all. I had curves, but they were all in the right places. (Now I have curves in all the wrong places) Luckily, Derek was not just my best friend, whom I trusted completly, but he was so sweet, charming & funny as anyone could be and it was a great honeymoon! It was so great that we had waited for eachother and saved that special time when we knew their would be no regrets.
I am sure we will have fun, once we are off. I bought some Sparkling Grape juice and I am taking are own goblets. Derek ordered the romance package, which was romantic of him, except it's $50!! I gave him a big hug and said, "Thanks & please cancel that." I told him I would buy our own and I even got him cheese & crackers, Pirouettes from Hillshire farms, & White chocolate Macadamia nut cookies all for $15. I cannot enjoy things if they cost too much, especially when we are currently unemployed.
So that's what's going on here. Oh yeah and luckily, Derek is the best husband and after he helped me up out of the hole in the floor-now-ceiling, He made sure I was OK. Instead of being mad that I had made more work for him and I was going to have lay down for the next few hours,(because Yes, it hurt & still does!) He laughed and thought we should take a picture. I was not at that point yet, so I said no. (party pooper) He went right to work without one complaint grabbing his saw, drill, & 2 x 4's and put our ceiling back together. He is the BEST!! I won the Husband Lottery when I married that guy of mine!


Toad, Lizard & Squidney said...

You are too funny. I hope your anniversary was fun and that you got your legs shaved. (I don't think that would have mattered)

I love hearing about your adventures!

Miss ya

The Boatright's said...

Okay, that is the funniest thing I have heard in a while. And I get why you didn't think a picture would have been fun, but that is a priceless moment. I hope you guys had a great night...a break well deserved.