Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Our Christmas Poem & My favorite CHristmas as a kid.

Keller CHristmas Poem (We have been talking about weirdness on my husbands family website. Thus the inspiration: ( DOn't worry! This is a fictional story, no beans were used.)

Twas the night of the weirdness
And all through kellerland.
no kiddos sleeping, although that was the plan.
The Stockings were hung by the kids with great care.
Hoping that a chocolate Santa would soon be in there.

The presents were wrapped with a bow or two missing.
I said,that will have to do. Because I plan on sleeping.

The normals were nestled all smug in their beds
While images of normal danced in their heads.

Derek, the kids and I all ready with our Christmas gear
were just settling in for another weird Keller year.

When out in the Den there arose such a clatter
I sprang from my recliner to see what was the matter??

Away from my Laptop I flew like a flash, (Well as fast as a girl my size can “flash”)
More often then not, I knew it was Jax!!

When what to my wondering eye did appear?
But A weird, (yet, handsome) man and five little dears.

The toys were asque and furniture with no luster.
I knew that a smile was more than I could muster.

How They giggled and laughed as dad did his tricks
I knew in a moment there was weirdness to be fixed!!

More rapid than eagles the weirdness it came,
And trouble was a rising, for he called them by name,

"Now Austin, Now Kason, Megan, Jaxon, and Ryan
You get the beans out of your noses, I mean it, I ain’t lyin’"

To the top of the stairs I echoed they should march.
Or it was their underware, that I would soon startch!!

Away with a basket He cleaned and straightened toys
While I gathered up Beans, And murmured , "Little boys"

I was frustrated by this weirdness I just had to exclaim!!
But this handsome man did not swear, snear or complain.

He gathered me in his arms and gave me a sweet Lip smacker
I knew at once my anger was going to be soon in the hamper.

He reminded me that weirdness was his sweetest traight.
And the normals were dull, and knew of this normal, glum fate.

We smiled and walked up the stairs with my hand in his.
I 've known every moment he was the right father for our kids!!

We kissed our sweet monkeys, with no worries in sight,
But I knew in my heart, they wouldn’t sleep through the night.

We decided it was late and we needed some sleep
That the laundry and dishes would just have to keep.

But before we could even scratch our weary head
A cute pesty boy had crawled out of his bed.

We could not get him settled, no, not even an inch happy
For we were soon on the phone calling his best pal,Pappy (Grandpa didn’t rhyme.)

With some weirdness from grandpa, Jaxon went off to bed with a nudge.
Grandpa soon promised to bring Grandma’s sweet Christmas fudge!!

The house fell silent, but once again that weirdness came
And I realized I loved this weirdness, for I was the same!!

We laughed and I knew it wouldn’t always be happily ever after
OhWell!! Happy weirdness to all and to all find good laughter!!

My favorite Christmas:

Hands down, my favorite christmas was when I was 13. Mom came to Noel and I and asked if we would be willing to donate some of our Christmas to let Josh get a nintendo. We each could ask for $60 worth of presents and if we gave up some for Josh's nintendo we would only have $30. We both said Yes. (That was easy, Josh never asked for much.)
Mom had Jim and Sara keep the nintendo at their house. And they were going to come over Christmas morning after We opened our Christmas Presents. I don't remember what any of us got that year except it was small and we were happy. Josh, had a look of disapointment on his face, but was trying to hide it and reassure mom that he was happy with what he got.
Finally Jim and Sara got their and Jim asked Josh to go get a wrapped present in his car. Josh went out and brought it in. Jim told Josh to go ahead and open it. I remember it being very quiet, (which was a first at our house) While we all watched a 12 year old Josh open his surprise.
The Reaction was awesome!! Josh was gangly. (In his growth at the time) He flung his arms and legs around Mom. As he screamed, "Thanks Mom!" Mom and Josh were both so happy as they hugged one another.
I knew then what it meant when others said, "It was better to give, then to receive."
(It really is!!)
Like I said I don't remember what any of us got that Christmas, except for the nintendo. But I will never forget the feeling I had on that Christmas Day.
Looking back, I realize we didn't just give something to Josh, but we also gave something to mom. A time to give her son a gift he really wanted. Mom did not have alot of those oppurtunities. As a parent I realize we made her just as happy as we had made Josh.

Josh, thanks for asking for that nintendo. We sure had fun on monday nights when Jim and Sara would come over for family night and we would all sit around while we talked, played Super Mario, and watched ALf.

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