Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sore throats, coughing, and back to school!

Today Kason was coughing real bad before he went to school. Ryan wanted me just to hold him today. He did not not want to do anything, not even fingerpaint. I knew at this point, he is not feeling well. He did not want the TV on, he just wanted to be held while he coughed. He fell asleep and wouldn't you know it, I start thinking Man I need more water my throat is dry. Then Austin comes home and his face is bright red and he says his throat hurts. Megan was pretty lathargic and after she was done with her chores, she tells me her throat is hurting.
So by 4:30 we now have four of our five kids coming down with sore throats, & raspy, scratchy coughs. Ugh! It's not even winter yet, for crying out loud! I know when my kids don't feel good, because they become desperate. Kason just came in and asked for the Vicks to rub on his chest. Kason hates everything about Vicks, the texture, smell and burning.
You gotta love those school germs that make their way back home from school. I put a pump of purell in the mud room and told the kids before scholl started what it was there for. Wash your hands with this as soon as you hang up your backpack. It is not working unless I am down there reminding them.
Jaxon is not sick so far and thankfully, is still his bouncey self. Yep! We are officially back to school. I shouldn't complain it was worse when they were little, I felt like every time one of our kids went to the Nursery, 3 days later they had a runny nose and fever. Oh and how can I forget how fun it is to pass around the stomach flu? It felt like we were playing,"Tag! Your It!"

Note to self: Make appts. to get flu shots for next FHE!

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The Hall Family said...

Hi Jen,
I found your link through someone's through someone's, etc. etc. I hope you are feeling better these days. Sorry Ryan is sick. That's the pits.