Saturday, January 12, 2008

Strep Sucks!

So Derek and I both got Strep. Yeah. <---read sarcasm here! Our poor little Ryan has some chest congestion, fever and stuffy nose. (my poor wittle baby) It's hard to take care of sick kids when both parents are down. It is not too bad. Derek got an antibiotic shot, so he is on the upswing. I am allergic to some antibiotics, so I had to get the Z-pack. I know it works faster then most, but I would have rather got the shot and taken some benadryl for the itchiness. I am still laid out in bed.

Speaking of my bed. Ryan is sleeping with us again. Well, with him sick and both Derek and I feeling lousy, it just makes it easier. Infact all of the kids are sacked out on our floor. (I always think our bedroom is too big and then all the kids come sleep on the floor and I am reminded why Derek wanted a big bedroom.) I am starting to wonder why we have 4 bedrooms? Everyone sleeps in ours! Ohwell, at least when they are teenagers and they come in late, I will know!

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