Monday, December 31, 2007

2008 is almost here

Derek's sis, Wendy put the following on the Keller Website. I thought I would share:

Yesterday in RS we studied a talk by Elder Faust (inserted into the back of the October General Conference Ensign) called The Power to Change (something like that) READ IT. Anyway we were also given a handout that goes like this:


A study at a major university attempted to delineate the factors involved in a typical human's ability to translate the acceptance of an idea in the implementation or application of that idea, i.e., turning thoughts into actions. The results were as follows:
ACTIVITY Implementation Rate
1. Hear an idea that you like 10%
2. Consciously decide to adopt the idea 25%
3. Decide when you will do it 40%
4. Plan how you will do it 50%
5. Commit to someone else that you will do it 65%
6. Make a regular appointment with the person you 95%
committed to and report your progress

Anyway, I really liked that and I want to try that this year. We also talked about not making too many resolutions and/or making reasonable goals instead of something you will never be able to do.
Good luck to any resolution makers!

I (Jenn) thought that was great. Before I read the former, I was getting ready for the day and I thought of ways, I could better my life. To tell the truth I am a HUMBUG, when it comes to New Year's resolution, because I think of them as Weight Loss. Not this year, (Sure I need to drop a few pounds, but I am hoping to set other goals that might eventually leead to doing that.)

This Year, I have different ideas. I will write down my goals, but I will not bore you with my plans of action.

1.) I want to (will) Enjoy Life. (I have a great life & great people in it, so I want to LIVE it!)

2.) I want to (will) have a closer relationship to Heavenly Father.

3.) I want to (will) be a better wife to Derek. (He deserves it.)

4.) I want to (will) be a better mother and have better relationships with my kids.

5.) I want to (will) go to Cancun. hee.. hee...hee... ;0) (Thanks Larry & Karen!!)

What are yours??

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The Boatright's said...

Hey Jenn,
Love the picture of Ryan in the tub! So Cute. We just wanted to wish you guys a Happy New we will see you in 2008!
I mean in Cancun in 2008! Minor detail;-)