Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Here Lies Foo-Foo

Having kids, certainly keeps life entertaining. For Christmas, my daughter, Meg wanted one of those "Fur Real Chimps". Lucky for her Santa delivered! This Monkey looks fairly realistic, makes monkey noises and even sniffs for it's food. (It fits right in at our house, even though we have no "pets" just kids.)
Later that afternoon I asked Meg, "So what are you going to name your monkey?" (She names everything) She replied without hesitation, "Foo-Foo." I was startled a bit by this answer. Why? My childhood nickname was Foo-Foo. Meg knew that was my nickname and thought it would be so great to name the monkey after me. I was freaked out and flattered all at the same-time. Mostly freaked out! I mean come on, here she has all of these pretty Dolls and she names the Hairy Monkey that SNIFFS IT"S FOOD, after me!! I think I would of felt less self conscience if she would have named Malibu Barbie after me." (I am a size 18, so my likeness to Barbie would have been a little easier on the ego.) "Are you sure you want to name it Foo-Foo? How about Sophie or Fifi?" I asked "No, I like Foo-Foo." She quickly smiled and skipped off. I decided, it could be worse and forgot about it.
A few days later, her younger brother, Ryan aka Twitchy, got hold of the monkey and got up on the top bunk and decided to see if , "Foo-Foo" could fly. Meg walked in just as "Foo-Foo" took flight. Ofcourse it was a no-go on the flying and Meg was horrified as she picked up that Hairy thing and it would not move, talk or sniff. Meg was very unhappy and when she is unhappy we all know about it! (Because she is her mother's daughter.)
My Husband went in to her room ten minutes later to see if she was calmed down and to see if he could fix the chimp. When he walked in he saw a pile of blankets lying in a mound on Meg's bed. On top of the mound sat a home-made tombstone that read, "Here Lies Foo-Foo". Now I don't know about you, but it is a little disconcerting when you have a tombstone in your house with your name on it!!! Thankfully Derek, my hubby was able to revive the hairy little thing with a tightening of it's batteries. Meg was thrilled and I was beyond happy to throw away the Tombstone!
Kids, they keep you hopping!


Bob said...

We have a house full of dead stuffed animals. Our kids have not thought of tombstones, yet; they try to sell them at "garage sales" to anyone walking by the house. Now that we have moved to the country, they will have to come up with something new, and I have no doubt that they will!.

Anonymous said...

Nope, never had the tombstone in the house. (thank goodness)!
So glad to see you found the What Next?!! I am so enjoying your writings!!

Jenn loves Derek said...

Bob, I visited your blog. You have quite an eye for Photography! Is it your occupation? It should be!
I love that you found a charter School that works for you. I have wanted to Home School, but I have had so many health problems in the last 2 years, and Hospitalized for so long, I finally took out my own IV and announced it was time to go home. Oh Well! Things can always be worse, you could have monkey named after you. Bob, I loved your reference of well behaved children during your wife's time of the month. I commented on it. Tell her from me, I hear ya sister!
I love the country and think that is a great environment to raise kids in. I am origanally from So. Cal. But moved to Utah to go to School and Met my man! I love the fresh air where we live, but it sure is not green lush acres. That must be wonderful. I commend you on being a Foster parent. It hits close to home with me, but that is a whole nother story. Thanks for visiting. I put your Blog on my favs.

Cynthia, YOU ROCK, my new friend. Thanks for your encouraging words. I figure this will be a good way to keep my journal as I raise my five little monkeys and in 20 years will be able to read this and maybe at that point a couple of them might have a couple of their own monkeys and they will realize, If mom and dad could live through raising kids, they will too. I sure appreciate your comments and your encouraging words. Thank you so much!